What is ‘CPD’?

Many professions, such as accountants and lawyers, are required to complete a minimum number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours per year.

Associations have different criteria around CPD but in general the learning activity has to be relevant to your professional development and should be verifiable.

For more information on the specific requirements for accountants, please see the website for your relevant association:

  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)
  • CPA Australia

For more information on the specific requirements for lawyers, please see the NZ Law Society’s website.

Verifiable activities

Although each professional association has slightly different criteria around CPD, CCH Learning webinars and events are considered verifiable as we provide the following:

  • Registration confirmation email
  • The ability to record a list of attendees in the feedback survey
  • Interactive Q&A sessions
  • Webinar/Event workbook
  • All webinars are recorded, so, if required, they can be assessed for CPD relevance if your CPD log comes into question.

On-Demand recordings could be considered verifiable if you participate as a team or study group and discuss as a group following the viewing.

What qualifies?

What qualifies for CPD is very subjective and depends on each individual’s professional learning plan and objectives.  NZICA, CPA Australia and NZLS CPD models are based on a similar cycle of planning and learning:

Planning (What to learn) – Action (The CPD activity) – Evaluation (What was learned) – Reflection (What further learning is needed).

The key thing to consider when looking at potential CPD activities is whether the learning outcomes will meet your individual learning needs.


It is up to each professional to maintain their own CPD log.

For accountants:

the NZICA guidelines (PDF) contain great advice and templates for doing this.  You can also maintain your NZICA CPD log online.

the CPA Australia activities record (PDF) allows you to record all your activities or you can maintain your CPD log online via their ‘My CPD Diary’ webpage.

For lawyers there are also some online CDP monitors. The Auckland District Law Society allows you to record 3rd party CPD activity online ADLS.

There are also other providers like Storkk who offer cloud based CPD management for firms.

It is not currently possible to record 3rd party CPD activity through the NZLS Continuing Legal Education website.