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How to get your audience to take notice!

We’ve all sat through presentations that were boring and un-engaging. The presenters often fall into some basic traps that mean their audience don’t listen and don’t take the right messages away.
If you are responsible for putting together and delivering a presentation to your team, your company or at an external event, then this webinar will give you ideas and tools to get your audience to take notice. You’ll cover :

  • How to design slides that compliment your message and helps you appear more credible 
  • How to immediately grab your audience’s attention and keep them riveted to what you’re saying 
  • Techniques to deal with a range of presentation challenges 


You’ll leave the webinar with:

  • Different ideas on how to structure your slides and make them engaging
  • Techniques to grab your audience’s attention and get your message across
  • Solutions for dealing with some of the common presentation pitfalls that can trip you up


This webinar is suited to people who have to prepare and deliver a presentation. This could be business owners, managers or people in specialist roles.


8 August 2017


Angela Atkins, People and Learning Director, Elephant Group and Management Bites