1.25 CPD hours


What you need to know to successfully manage tax audits and negotiate tax write-offs and instalment arrangements

What do you do if your client gets a “risk review letter” or an “audit letter”? What is the best strategy for dealing with Inland Revenue? Should you “fight them on the beaches”, try to do a deal or just concede?

And what about when your client simply is not in a position to pay their taxes? How do you convince Inland Revenue to agree to an instalment arrangement and/or write off taxes, penalties and interest?

This webinar will provide practical guidance on how to manage tax audits, including what to do (and what not to do) when Inland Revenue first makes contact, when and how to make a voluntary disclosure, and how to deal with each stage of the disputes resolution process. It will also consider strategies for negotiating instalment arrangements and tax write-offs.


You will:

  • Know what to do when your client receives a “risk review” letter
  • Learn how to achieve the best outcome for your client from a tax audit
  • Know when you should advise your client to make a voluntary disclosure
  • Understand the benefits of making a full and frank voluntary disclosure
  • Learn how to successfully apply for an instalment arrangement
  • Know how best to negotiate tax write-offs


Accountants of all levels, tax lawyers, and others who advise clients on tax audits or assist with negotiating instalment arrangements or tax write-offs.


Stephen Tomlinson, Partner, Tomlinson Law