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With tough new health and safety laws, business owners and managers face increasing liability for workplace accidents. Workplace accidents are not inevitable - the overwhelming majority can be prevented without spending a fortune.
Many workplace safety seminars focus on factors like not allowing loose clothing near machinery and avoiding tripping hazards. Yet when most accidents occur, people generally knew what not to do – but did it anyway because they were in a hurry or behind schedule. It’s human nature to take shortcuts, and the courts have said employers need to guard against this in preventing accidents.

In 1985 there were approximately 2000 people killed in commercial aviation accidents, in 2014 the number was reduced to approximately 200! Most aviation accidents are caused by human error. The same techniques used to prevent aviation accidents can be used in all other workplaces, such as construction, automotive, engineering and many others to make workplaces safer. Workplace accidents don’t just happen in “dangerous professions.” Accidents can easily happen in an accounts office (falling down the stairs) or a retail shop (slipping on a wet floor).

By understanding the psychological factors that cause mistakes - such as poor training, fatigue, stress, miscommunication and fixation - accidents and near misses can be prevented. Very rarely do workplace accidents just happen, usually there is a chain of events that led up to it. If you can identify the links in the chain early, you may prevent the accident altogether.


  •  Find out how to prevent the overwhelming majority of workplace accidents, while still being able to  complete your work
  •  Understand how stress and fatigue are significant contributing factors in workplace accidents
  •  Understanding how team dynamics can be a major contributing factor in workplace accidents
  •  Learn how to use “near misses” to prevent actual accidents
  •  Understand how alcohol, drugs and even some cold medicines can seriously impair performance
  •  Understand the new health and safety laws including the new duty holder obligations and the new duty of  care
  •  Discover tips on ACC and WorkSafe’s guidance tools for workplaces


25 May 2016


CEOs, business owners, HR professionals, managers, supervisors, team leaders, board members, and health and safety representatives


Michael Hempseed, Managing Director, Employee Solution Service & Julia Shallcross, Consultant, Workplace Training Limited