1.5 CPD hours

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    Complete online in your own time (Self-paced)
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This webinar will discuss how Advisors and Business Owners can plan for business profitability and sustainability. It compliments the previous webinar on Advising for Improved Business Profitability and Sustainability.

The presentation will discuss how to develop a One Page Strategic Plan which cascades to an Annual and Quarterly plans. It will discuss how to link Purpose, Targets, Goals, Actions and Accountabilities and how these transfer from the Strategic level to daily tasks. The presentation will discuss how to identify the critical lead and lag indicators and the critical role played by Priorities, Rhythm and Data in operationalizing the plan.

Using practical examples, the presentation is relevant to SMEs and large enterprises. It will discuss the relationship between strategy and financial outcome from a management accounting perspective so is relevant to executives with financial and non-financial backgrounds.


  • Identify the key elements of a strategic plan.
  • Understand the difference between Strategy, Planning and Execution.
  • Know how to link Strategy to Annual Goals and Quarterly Priorities.
  • Know the importance of Priorities, Data and Rhythm.
  • Be able to identify Lead and lag indicators.


All CEOs, business owners and executives and business advisors.


30 August 2016


John Swete Kelly, Principal, Business Consulting, TEO