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This webinar considers Inland Revenue’s recently released interpretation statement on tax residency, how Inland Revenue’s position has changed, and how this can work to your clients’ advantage. 

Determining whether a person is New Zealand tax resident (both under domestic law and for the purpose of any applicable double tax agreement) is critical for a number of reasons, including:

  • Determining whether (and when) the person is subject to New Zealand income tax on their worldwide income;
  • Determining whether the person is entitled to relief from double taxation under a double tax agreement;
  • Determining whether the person is eligible to be treated as a “transitional resident” and, if so, from when.

In addition, the webinar will cover how to apply double tax agreements for tax residency purposes, transitional residency, and corporate tax residency.


You will:

  • Know what questions to ask clients to determine whether they are New Zealand tax resident.
  • Understand what connections with New Zealand are more likely to result in a client having a permanent place of abode in New Zealand.
  • Learn the correct approach to determining whether a person has a “permanent place of abode” in New Zealand.
  • Understand the effect of recent case law developments on whether a person has a “permanent place of abode” in New Zealand.
  • Learn about IRD’s current view on what constitutes a “permanent place of abode”, how this has recently changed and when this may work to your clients’ advantage.


16 February 2017


Intermediate to senior accountants, tax lawyers, immigration lawyers and others who advise clients on tax residence issues.


Stephen Tomlinson, Partner, Tomlinson Law