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What every director must know to govern prudently.

This webinar will provide a plain English explanation of the core directors’ duties and obligations under the Companies Act 1993 (ss 131-138 and ss 139-145).
A breach of duties and obligations can constitute a criminal offence, imposing criminal liability on directors personally as well as on the company. It is highly recommended that directors, society officers and trustees be aware of the duties and obligations in the Companies Act for which they may be held accountable.
Note: although legal concepts, cases and obligations will be discussed, this is not a heavily legalistic session.


Attendees will gain an understanding of:

  •  Who directors are fiduciaries to and what fiduciary duties directors owe
  •  Duties in the Act that directors are specifically charged with complying with
  •  What constitutes reckless trading, the duty of care, and misuse of company information?
  •  Under what circumstances can a director rely on employees’, professional advisors’ and other directors’ advice?
  •  Handling conflicts and self-interests
  •  Checklists to assess whether you/your board are complying


21 February 2017


Current and aspiring directors, trustees, governors, society officers; accountants and those acting as company secretaries and professional advisors to SME boards.


Karen Martyn, Governance Advisor,