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Understand why different structures may be used and the advantages & disadvantages of each.

This webinar will provide an overview of the common business types (such as sole trader, partnership, company & trust), explain how they operate and why one may be used over another.

It will cover key aspects to consider when choosing a business structure and some of the compliance aspects that need to be adhered to and taken into account.

Topics covered will include:

  •  The difference between a sole trader, partnership, company & trust
  •  Advantages and disadvantages of each
  •  Taxation differences between them
  •  When corporate trustees and limited partnerships may be used


Develop a working knowledge on different business entity types and options available.



23 February 2017



This course would suit:

  •  People with very little or no knowledge or experience with setting up different entity types or structures
  •  Those wanting to enhance their understanding on the difference between various business structures, when one may be  chosen over another and the taxation differences between them
  •  Those who want to understand the commercial drivers for choosing one type of business entity over another


Catriona Knapp, Associate Director, Staples Rodway