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Have you been given HR responsibilities as one of your management areas? Not sure what’s best to deliver?

In part 1 of this practical and interactive webinar, HR expert Angela Atkins will cover the following:

  • What does HR deliver in the different areas and to what level? 
  • Five real case studies of HR models for SME’s who don’t have a full time HR person 
  • Analysing which model might work best for your company 
  • Foundation HR processes: what to put in place to make sure you are complying with the ERA, Health & Safety Act and ways to introduce simple and effective policies and procedures into your business 
  • Base level: Once the foundations are in place, how do you put in place the right recruitment, induction, performance review and remuneration and reward processes? 

In this webinar Angela will share real cases and her top tips that she’s developed from over 20 years working in HR Management.

In the second webinar, she will also cover how to add value and deal with restructures, disciplinary issues and other terminations. 


  • Knowing which HR model should work best for your company
  • Having the tools and information to ensure your company is complying with legislation
  • Understanding the principles of having HR policies and knowing how to develop and write these
  • Having examples of effective recruitment, induction, performance review and remuneration processes


2 March 2016


Anyone in a management, operations or administration role who has been given HR responsibilities but does not have a background in HR.


Angela Atkins, Director, Management Bites International